This summer Clara Stones presents new  collection of carved pink coral masterpieces. One-of-a-kind pendants, earrings and charms are carefully carved in precious pink coral and adorned with 18kt gold and diamonds.

What we call precious pink coral or Japanese coral is actually different precious species of Corallium genus from the Pacific ocean, first discovered in Japan in the late 19th century. Unlike red coral, coral from the Pacific comes in range of colours from white, orange, pink to dark red, but rarely of uniform colour, streaked with markings, tints and veins in white colour. Pacific species of coral grow in much deeper waters, from 200 to even 2000 meters depth, and the branches are much thicker and bigger than those of red coral. This characteristic and the shape of the branch, the fan shape, make this kind of coral perfect for engraving and making different figurines, carvings and sculptures,

Visit our Workshop and Gallery  in beautiful Dubrovnik Old Town to discover more masterpieces in pink coral.