Sometimes ordering sizes online can be tricky and we want to make sure that your Clara Stones piece fits perfectly on the first try. To help you find your size, we’ve created this simple sizing guide.


All our rings are listed in EU/Italian sizes.

Our rings are mostly on-of-a-kind or come in limited edition and sometimes come in one size only.

We can size up or down most of the rings for a fee, depending on the piece and how much work and metal has to be used.
For custom sizing please contact us before ordering

If you are not sure of your exact ring size you can measure it using one of your existing rings, using a measuring tape or at your local jeweler (recommended).


How to measure your ring?

• Find a ring, possibly a ‘band’ type ring, which is exactly your size.
• Measure the inside diameter of the ring. Use a ruler or a caliper to measure the inside diameter of the ring and find the equivalent diameter in our chart below.
• For example, if your ring has an inside diameter of 16.4 mm, this will correspond to size EU 52.
• If the diameter falls between two sizes, choose the larger size.
• Remember to measure your size at room temperature. Your fingers will usually be slightly smaller in the winter than in the summer.
• The size of the ring may depend on the design of the ring and its fit on your finger. Please take a potential wide knuckle into consideration.

You can refer to our size chart for help.
Please understand that this chart is provided as is without any guarantees. Its purpose is to give you a general idea of your ring size.
This should not be considered an official recommendation from Clara Stones.
We are not liable if the ring size you choose doesn’t fit.
There are too many variances; including subjective opinions of fit, time of day and only carrying half sizes and not quarter sizes; that we simply cannot take everything into account.

If you don’t find your size or have any doubts feel free to contact us at


You don’t want to be disappointed when your bracelet arrives only to find it is too small or too big. Please carefully check your bracelet size before ordering!

Clara Stones bracelets are one-of-a-kind and hand made to fit with a silver or gold clasp.
Our standard sizes are in centimeters and the available size will be provided in the description of every bracelet.

Standard bracelet length

• Women 17,5-19 cm or 7- 7.5 inches.
• Men 20-28 cm or or 8- 11 inches
• Children 14-16,5 cm 5,5-
• Babies 9-13 cm

You can measure your wrist with a measuring tape or a string that you wrap around your wrist. and mark and then measure it with ruler.

Measure the broadest part of your wrist bone and the base of the hand.

Please note this is your actual wrist size and not the bracelet size.

Our size is based on total bracelet length and NOT actual wrist size.

To get your bracelet length add another 2-2,5 cm (0,75-1 inch) or more to the wrist size, depending how tight or loose fit you want.

We are able to size most of the bracelets as small or as large as you need it. Some additional fees may be included depending on the piece, size and materials used.

If you don’t find your size we will be glad to help you. The easiest way is to tell us your wrist size or desired bracelet size by contacting us before ordering by email

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