In Dubrovnik, history is carved in the stones of the Old Town.
Ancient myths live on in our islands.
And at its heart, the most intriguing secret of all…

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Hidden amid the limestone alleys of the Old Town is a place of imagination and wonder.

From our Dubrovnik atelier we craft artisanal fine jewellery, enchanting collectors with our extraordinary designs.

At the heart of our work is sustainable red coral. This vibrant gift of the Adriatic tells a story of mysticism and heritage.


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Our handcrafted jewels are born from love and curiosity.

Designer Vittorio pours inspiration into every piece. From literature to art, history to people, the stories he tells are abundant and enchanting.

A deep love for our craft and materials fuels each design. If you share our fascination, we show you our passion and knowledge.

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Let us feed your desire for wonder and intrigue.

Our pieces speak to your most personal passions. Every unique design calls to a unique owner.

At Clara Stones, you find the jewellery you have yet to dream of.

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Pile Gate welcomes you to Dubrovnik Old Town, St Blaise gazing on as you slip through the imposing stone arch. 

The polished stones of Stradun lead you towards the port, sun-soaked slabs smoothed with the centuries. But you pause at the mouth of a narrow street, drawn to an opening in the limestone wall.

The glow of chandeliers invites you within. Inside you see stone walls lined with vibrant coral and remarkable jewels. The heat and haste of the street falls away as you move further into our store.

Invited into a subterranean world you find a cabinet of wonders. You explore our trove of antiques, high jewellery, and natural curiosities. Discovering the workshop, you watch as alchemy and craft unfold before your eyes. At the bench you see your coral jewellery coming to life.

Since 2011 Clara Stones has crafted astonishing coral jewellery in Dubrovnik. From playful to opulent, your perfect piece waits in our collection. We invite you to explore…

Our online atelier
Or find us in Dubrovnik – Nalješkovićeva ul. 3, 20000, Croatia

Love Anja & Vittorio

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