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Not your ordinary jewels!

Clara Stones is a story of love and passion for the extraordinary.

Vittorio Ceccarini, born and raised in Milano, Italy founded an independent jewellery brand Clara Stones in 2007, following his move to Croatia and choosing the name in memory of his grandmother Clara.

The branch of red coral is a symbol of the brand and Vittorio’s creative force and strong passion for Mediterranean coral heritage, artisan craftsmanship and natural beauty.


In 2011, Clara Stones opens its flagship store and the only coral workshop in Dubrovnik, Croatia reviving the centuries old tradition of coral craft and sharing the story of precious and sustainable Adriatic red coral with the world.


Strongly influenced by both his Italian roots and Dubrovnik’s rich history Vittorio creates modern-heirloom jewellery you will love to wear. His unique signature combines luxury precious corals, pearls and gemstones with organic silhouettes and impeccable craftsmanship.

Creative process at Clara Stones is a never-ending journey revealing you the world of perfectly imperfect nature’s treasures through authentic design, ancient artisanal techniques and truly ethical and sustainable natural materials.



We believe jewelry should benefit all those involved.

Each and every piece from Clara Stones workshop is unique and hand crafted with love and attention to detail. Clara Stones supports and collaborates with master artisans and goldsmiths from Italy and Croatia that keep the art of coral, cameo and jewelry making alive.

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Adriatic Coral Workshop Dubrovnik

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