Dubrovnik Festival Capsule Collection

Clara Stones presents its capsule collection created in honor of the oldest and most prestigious cultural event in Croatia- Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Cube as a symbol of stability is the main element of the collection. The pieces from the collection are crafted in our signature oxidized sterling silver and 18kt gold with our favorite coral and pearls.

The cube comes in two sizes and is adorned with symbols of Festival and Dubrovnik- Libertas flag, theatrical masks, musical note and Dubrovnik coat of arms.


“Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro” which means “Freedom should not be sold for all the gold in the world” was the motto of the Republic of Ragusa, carved in stone just above the doors of Lovrijenac fortress and used as a secondary flag \”Libertas\”-denoting the importance of value of general value of freedom. Since the very begginning of Dubrovnik Summer Festival Libertas flag is displayed during the festival to denote the importance of freedom of artistic expression, becoming an inevitable symbol of the oldest festival in Croatia

Theatrical masks and musical note as a symbol of the unique site-specific theatrical and music performances that have marked 70 year long history of the Festival.

Dubrovnik coat of arms is a historical heraldic symbol of the Republic of Ragusa, today is used by the city of Dubrovnik

This special capsule collection is made in a limited number of pendants, earrings and bracelets and is available in Dubrovnik, Clara Stones, Nalješkovićeva 3 and at our partners in Zagreb, Zlatarna Popek, Nikola Tesla street 9.

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