Orlando Dubrovnik

Clara Stones pays homage to Orlando’s column, Dubrovnik’s oldest public statue, with a luxury capsule collection celebrating its 600th anniversary.

For centuries the stone statue of this medieval knight, also known as Roland, was the most important symbol of freedom, independence and order in Republic of Ragusa. Orlando’s forearm holding a sword and the base under his feet was the standard measurement for fabric called Ragusan cubit, measuring exactly 51,2 cm.

Inspired by antique jewelry used as an amulet, a talisman or a lucky charm, Orlando collection tells a story rich of symbols and meaning. Luxury charms, pendants, earrings and necklaces are made with Clara Stones favorite Adriatic coral and oxdized silver and 18kt gold.

Orlando’s Hand pendant hand carved in red coral holding charms in 18kt gold

Orlando’s hand pendant draws inspiration from antique hand jewelry and holds symbols of the column and Dubrovnik- a shield, sword, a galleon, emblem of Dubrovnik and a meter noting Dubrovnik cubit- 51,2cm. One-of-a kind and hand carved modern talisman, the hand in coral holds Orlando\’s lucky charms, in gold or silver and gold.

Orlando’s Hand pendant carved in red coral holding charms in oxidized sterling silver with details in 18kt gold

The third version is made in a limited number and completely crafted in oxidized sterling silver with our signature 18kt gold fusion for a unique look of each piece.

Orlando’s Hand pendant made in solid sterling oxidized silver with hand applied details in 18kt gold

Red coral bracelets and necklaces from the collection are hand knotted on colorful silk threads with  small charm symbols of Orlando’s column and Dubrovnik.

Red coral necklace with Orlando charms in silver and gold

Red coral bracelets with Orlando charms and symbols in silver and gold, hand knotted in silk

A perfect modern talisman, Orlando’s cube is inspired by the cube as a symbol of stability. Each side of the cube is adorned with symbols of Orlando\’s sword, shield, Dubrovnik coat of arms and a galleon.

Orlando’s cube is made in solid oxidized silver with details in 18kt gold and comes in two sizes. Orlando\’s cube pendants come on a silver chain measuring exactly 51,2 cm, the length of Ragusan cubit. Cube earrings and bracelets are made with small Orlando\’s cube and combined with red coral beads.

Orlando’s Cube Set
Orlando’s Cube pendants

Orlando capsule collection is on display and available for purchase at Clara Stones Dubrovnik and in Zlatarna Popek in Zagreb

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