Fête des Sens

Indulge in Fête des Sens, Clara Stones decadent new fine jewellery collection.

Inspired by sensuality, every piece offers thrill and temptation. Undulating surfaces of polished coral ask to be touched. Intoxicating Aquaprase draws you into its depths. Lustrous pearls and burnished gold cast their potent glow.

Fête des Sens brings together coloured gemstones in surprising and striking fusion. Lush red coral paired with blue-green Aquaprase creates a visual stir, quickening the pulse and turning heads.

Each piece of one-of-a-kind jewellery uses hand-selected gemstones, including rare beads of antique Sciacca coral. 

Alongside this ancient gem is a newcomer. One of this century’s few gem discoveries, Aquaprase balances the warmth of coral and gold with oceanic hues.

Designer Vittorio Ceccarini explores the gemstones at the heart of the collection. “When I look at Aquaprase it is like gazing into the sea. It draws you into its depths. Our pairing of Aquaprase and coral is a visual contrast, but to us, they are in perfect harmony. Coral is the gift of the sea, while Aquaprase reflects its beauty”.

Intrigued by our incredible gemstones? Discover the mysteries and wonder behind Sciacca coral and Aquaprase in our Journal

Feast of the Senses by Clara Stones Photo Credits:

Photography and art Mladen Šarić

Model Gjuro / @onlygjuro/ Colors Model Managment

Stylist Ana Nikačević

Assistant stylist Kristina Vrdoljak

Hair  Milena Maršić/Salon Glamour

MUA Tena Bašić

Nails: Jagoda Jelačić


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