The Pirate Collection

Subverting traditional notions of piracy, our collection celebrates incredible men and women of the seas.

Rogh piece of blue green chalcedony Aquaprase

The wondrous tale of Aquaprase™

The first new gemstone find in this millennium, Aquaprase™ is a truly rare and special stone. Discover this fascinating stone and story behind it…

Fête des Sens

Indulge in Fête des Sens, Clara Stones decadent new fine jewellery collection. Inspired by sensuality, every piece offers thrill and

Elle Style Awards 2021

We are thrilled to announce Clara Stones founders Vittorio Ceccarini and Anja Mučić received Elle Style Awards 2021 for best

Making of Sardonyx shell cameo

Art of Cameo

Just like our favorite red coral, cameos are a fascinating artisan craft with strong Mediterranean roots.

Adriatic red coral in Dubrovnik

What’s red coral?

“Corals are the most noble plants in the Ocean, they are the roses of the capricious sea goddess, as rich

Orlando's column Dubrovnik

Orlando Dubrovnik

Clara Stones celebrates 600 years of Orlando\’s column with a luxury capsule collection.

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