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1358Dubrovnik Collection

Clara Stones celebrate their 5 year anniversary in Dubrovnik with new limited edition collection 1358Dubrovnik.

Clara Stones presents an exquisite collection of intricate pendants, earrings and bracelets inspired by Dubrovnik glorious independence and art of filigree. One of the symbols of the Mediterranean circle, the filigree technique is a real art-form that was passed from generation to generation since ancient times.

Clara Stones created a limited edition collection of beautiful filigree rosette pendants with red coral and 18kt gold, handmade silver filigree bracelets adorned with red coral and 18kt gold and earrings made with silver filigree balls and coral, kyanite or pearls.

Inside Tip
Clara Stones gallery and workshop is a hidden gem in Old Town Dubrovnik that surprises and delights. In their workshop you are invited to observe how the coral branches are being divided, clean, cut, polished and finally put into beautiful jewellery. A visit to Clara Stones is definitely an experience in its own right.

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