Pawrent Collection

Clara Stones celebrates the fantastical and the awe-inspiring… but sometimes, the things that move us are much closer to home.

Pawrent is our fine jewellery ode to a unique relationship, that of an owner and their pet. We know the deep connection that exists between a person and their companion, and celebrate this in a singular jewellery collection.

With a signature blend of playful style and artisanal craft, we create a witty fine jewellery collection. Pawrents captures the essence of a dog and owner relationship, one that is both affectionate and profound.

The masterpiece of the collection is a range of hand-carved shell cameo pendants. Each features a portrait of a dog in intricate, textural detail. For the ultimate tribute, we can even craft a bespoke portrait of your own.

Our Pawrent pieces allow you to celebrate the animals you choose your share your life with. Crafted in 18ct gold and silver, an everyday collection of bracelets, earrings and rings combine dog and cat-inspired elements with coral and gemstone accents.

Silver and Gold Dog Tag

For the first time, we’ve created jewellery to be worn by both human and pet. Our silver medallions can be engraved with your pet’s name and suspended from their collar. At the end of their life, you have a lasting memento of your time together.

Dubrovnik Onforio Fountain with Dog at the top
Onforio’s Fountain in Dubrovnik with “Kuchak” on the top

In a tribute to our hometown, we’ve created a miniature nod to Dubrovnik’s canine guardian. The stone ‘kučak’ (the old Dubrovnik word for dog) watches over the Old Town from his perch on Onofrio’s fountain. Hand-carved and cast, our diminutive silver replica adorns earrings and pendants.

Sometimes, the most precious stories are told at home. Playful and tender, Pawrent celebrates the animals who become part of our families and lives. Each piece tells a tale of the love and loyalty we share.

Dog in Dubrovnik
Our dog Roots in Dubrovnik

Making a difference

Dogs are remarkable creatures. Our dog, Roots, has shown us how much loyalty and meaning a dog brings to your life.

Not all dogs have the chance to bring and enjoy such happiness. To show them our love, we will be sharing a proportion of each sale with Zlatni Cagalj, a dog shelter working to find homes for abandoned and stray dogs here in Croatia.

When you buy a piece of Pawrent, you join our mission to make a difference in the lives of stray dogs. Zlatni Cagalj rescues animals who would otherwise remain on the street, providing the love, care, and rehabilitation they need to find a forever home.

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