Bartholomew Roberts Lion Ring

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Celebrate the true and brave spirit of piracy with our ring inspired by the story of Bartholomew Roberts.
Wearing this ring is a talisman of mastery and honour. Whatever you do in life, you do with conviction and excellence. Let this ring be your reminder of passion and pride.

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A figurehead of the Golden Age of Piracy, Bartholomew Roberts was one of the pirates behind the creation of the Jolly Roger flag and author of the code of pirates.

This incredible ring features a carved lion of coral, a striking symbol of Bartholomew Roberts’ indomitable spirit. Set in silver and 18kt gold to represent the treasures of piracy, the lion holds within its mouth a glittering  diamond. White and blue diamonds surround the lion, this stones nod to our pirate’s mastery of maritime navigation.


  • Hand carved red coral lion
  • Brilliant cut diamonds
  • 18kt gold settings
  • Oxidized 925 sterling silver band and 18kt gold band
  • For more info or custom sizing contact
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