Cult Felix Cat Cameo

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A blast from the past made for true fans, this double sided pendant features Felix Cat hand carved in sardonyx shell, while the other side features remarkable natural red coral cabochon set in 18kt gold.

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This pendant features one of the most famous 20th century cat characters Felix the Cat. The beautiful cat is hand carved in sardonyx shell, offering the most desirable of contrast between black and white, which are exactly the colours of Felix. This unique fan art shell cameo is crafted and set in our signature oxidized silver setting giving it completely unique look.  This remarkable double sided pendant features amazing red coral cabochon set in 18kt gold on the back. Whether you wear it displaying the beautiful cameo carving or the back setting it is a truly wonderful modern heirloom piece..


  • Hand carved sardonyx shell 40 mm
  • Oxidized silver 925 cameo setting
  • red coral cabochon size 8 mm
  • 18kt gold coral setting

Each Clara Stones cameo is one of a kind piece hand carved in Sardonyx shell by Italian master carver using ancient art of artisan cameo making. Both art and jewellery, the uniqueness of every shell cameo is emphasized with finest precious corals, pearls or rare gemstones and our signature use of sterling silver and 18kt gold.

The art of cameo is an ancient artisan method of carving gems, shell or other objects. Every cameo is a miniature work of art and the most prized ones are hand carved in shell. After a sketch is made the carvers use traditional cameo carving tools to create the image grinding away shell. Most carvers work during the day to take advantage of natural light, doing the majority of the work by hand. Cameos can take a few days to complete.

We believe in timeless quality craftsmanship. All of our pieces are crafted using precious metals. In our creations we use sterling silver, oxidized, white or gold-plated, and 18 kt gold.

Clara Stones uses genuine and authentic precious red coral Corallium rubrum. Our coral is sustainably sourced from Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea, completely natural and handcrafted using traditional artisanal methods and tools. No artificial chemicals or materials are used in the process to change its colour. Natural imperfections or inclusions are the nature of coral and organic materials and we think add to their beauty and not to be considered a flaw.

Each Clara Stones piece is as individual as you are!
Please note our jewellery is handcrafted in one-of-a-kind or limited editions using natural and organic materials and unique finishes, so sometimes it can vary in appearance and be slightly different than the photo. That is the nature of natural corals, pearls, gemstones and hand made items and makes each piece truly unique and only yours.
We have taken care to ensure that the items on our website are presented as accurately as possible; however, colour and clarity will depend upon your own personal monitor and individual adjustments to the computer screen. Clara Stones does not guarantee that the colours of products are identical to the colours that you see on your computer screen.

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