Oliver Levasseur Aquaprase™ Ring

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Our Oliver Levasseur ring tells an intriguing tale of hidden treasure.
With this ring on your finger, awaken your desire to explore and rediscover yourself day after day.

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A large pool of Aquaprase is at the heart of this silver and gold ring. Its blue-green depths symbolise the Caribbean island our pirate hid his treasure on.

The ring tells the story of the mysterious Levasseur code, still unsolved centuries later. A halo of red coral symbolises the cryptogram revealing the location of his treasure.

In Oliver Levasseur, we see a curiosity towards life and a search for happiness.

Mysterious Aquaprase™ has a story as intriguing as its appearance. Discover the story here…The wondrous tale of Aquaprase™


  • Aquaprase oval cabochon 30 x 20mm
  • 12 pcs red coral 4mm
  • 18kt gold settings
  • Oxidized silver and 18kt gold band
  • For more info or custom sizing contact sales@clarastones.com
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