Pirate Coral Charm Pendant

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Our carved coral pirate charm pendant allows you to harness the bold and untamed pirate spirit.
Suspended from an intricately carved hook, red coral charms tell a story of a wild and free pirate lifestyle.

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In this pendant, we transform the tools of piracy in symbols to live by. A bomb inspires change and transformation. The parrot celebrates companionship and intimacy. The dagger is a symbol of loyalty and bravery. A pistol tells the story of life on the high seas, a tale of history and intrigue.

No detail is overlooked, from the carefully carved coral to the hammered texture on the 18kt gold connecting rings.

Suspended from a chain of your choice, this pendant becomes a personal talisman and a conversation-starting necklace.


  • 18kt gold
  • hand carved red coral
  • hook 20 x 1o mm
  • bomb 10 mm
  • sword 20 x 7 mm
  • parrot 15 x 6 mm
  • gun 18 x 10 mm
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