What is red coral?

Rare organic gemstone and one of the oldest materials used in ornaments and jewellery making since ancient times.

From thousands of species of corals only a few species, limited to Corallidae family, particularly from the genus Corallium are used in jewelry and considered natural, precious, authentic and genuine corals.

Red coral is common name given to Corallium Rubrum, found only in Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea but loved around the world for its mesmerizing natural shades of red. Also called precious red coral, natural red coral, Mediterranean coral or Adriatic coral , it is the most desirable type of coral for jewelry.
Natural red coral is not to be mistaken for bamboo, reef or other species of common coral.


Where do you get your coral?

We get the coral directly from licensed divers and companies authorized to work with precious red coral from the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea.


Is it legal to take it out from the sea?

Red coral is heavily regulated under F.A.O. and the EU with a strict conservation and sustainability in mind. Only certain number of licensed divers are allowed to harvest red coral, using only hand tools and diving equipment from the depth no less than 50m.


Is it sustainable?

Red coral is truly ethical and fully sustainable and the most protected and regulated natural precious material currently used in jewellery production. Red coral (Corallium Rubrum) is not included in the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), and is not considered endangered. 

Harvesting the red coral follows very strict regulations and protocols to ensure stable and healthy populations of red coral, providing sustainable raw material for the future.


How deep does it grow?

Red coral should not be mistaken for reef corals. Red coral grows from 20-300m (60-600 ft) but the minimum depths required for taking it in the EU are 50m.


Can we take the coral jewellery out of the country?

Red coral (Corallium Rubrum) jewellery is regarded as any jewellery, so there are no restrictions in buying, selling and moving personal goods containing or made of red coral. Particular permissions may apply if importing the raw material that has not been processed.


Is it naturally red?

The colour is completely natural and comes in dfifferent shades of red. It is believed the red colour derives mainly from organic carotenoid pigments.
We use only the traditional methods and tools and no artificial chemicals are used in the process to change natural structure or colour of the coral.


Does it lose colour over time?

Red coral retains its natural red colour, the reason why is considered precious. Due to its natural and organic origin direct exposure to heat, sweat, cosmetic products, perfumes or any kind of chemicals can change its appearance.


Why is it so shiny?

Red coral is an organic material made of Calcium Carbonate and naturally red but dull in the first stage of production process. The vitreous luster is given by polishing it in the finish stage of processing.

If your coral looses its shine it can be repolished by a professional or You can do it yourself by gently hand polish it with soft cloth and a drop of olive oil.


Is it fragile?

Measuring 3,5 on Mohs scale, red coral is a soft organic material made of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) for the most part. Handle your red coral jewellery with care to avoid scratches, damage and breaking


Why my coral looks different than the picture?

We have taken care to ensure that the items on our website are presented as accurately as possible; however, colour and clarity will depend upon your own personal monitor.
Please note, red coral is an organic material that comes from the sea and we use only traditional methods and tools in production. Red coral can sometimes have natural imperfections or inclusions which makes each piece truly unique. This is the nature of coral and organic materials and we think adds to their beauty and not to be considered a flaw.


How do I take care of my red coral jewellery?

Red coral is an organic material just like pearls, amber and shells and sensitive to harsh-chemicals and over-exposure to heat. It is recommended to avoid sweat, cosmetic products, perfumes or any kind of chemicals to get in direct touch with red coral.
Check our Care Guide LINK


Can I go to swim or shower with my coral jewellery?

Red coral jewellery should be removed before swimming or showering, since the minerals in the water/sea may change its appearance, especially losing the luster.
Check our Care Guide Here


Is it possible to grow red coral in an aquarium?

Red coral grows in a specific environment, and to date there has not been successful growing/farming in the controlled environment.


Are there any beneficial properties from wearing red coral?

Throughout human history red coral has been endowed with mysterious and sacred properties. A symbol of vitality, happiness, wisdom and good luck, it is believed to protect from the evil eye and other malicious influences. It is often given to babies and little children as protection.

We think coral has supernatural powers of reflecting the uniqueness of every person that wears it.


Why the prices of red coral vary so greatly?

Red coral is a rare and limited organic material that requires craft and specialized artisans to be produced as jewellery, therefore must come with a price. The price varies greatly, mostly depending on the size of the coral, its quality and sometimes colour (the shade of red). Large branches are rare to find, making any large size beads, cabochons and carvings particularly valuable.


Why there are so many coral jewellery everywhere if it is so rare?

Not everything red is coral. Considering the limitations on harvesting red coral and the quantities taken, as well as the quality of the primary material, there are many counterfeits and imitations being sold as natural red coral. Red coral may be imitated by porcelain, stained bone, glass, plastic and rubber mixtures, as well as by dyeing common coral with red colour. To avoid misrepresentations and frauds, a certificate of authenticity should always accompany red coral jewelry.

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