The wondrous tale of Aquaprase™

At Clara Stones, we have a weakness for the uncommon and incredible. We adore stories and are drawn to natural beauty. 

So when we discovered Aquaprase™, we knew we had to introduce this bewitching gemstone to our collection. Discover more about this fascinating stone that has us dreaming of the ocean.

Aquaprase and coral jewelry on model Feast of the Senses by Clara Stones
Clara Stones Fête des Sens , photo by Mladen Šarić

What is Aquaprase™?

Aquaprase™ is a unique, blue-green variety of chalcedony. The stone was discovered by Yianni Melas, a renowned – and sometimes maverick – gem explorer and expert.

When visiting a remote part of Africa, Melas spotted a mysterious stone unlike anything he had seen before. Convinced it was something new, he led the charge to find out what this stone was. Eventually, GIA confirmed how special his find was. The stone was a new kind of chalcedony never before recorded.

We discovered Aquaprase™ through a friendship with Yianni Melas himself. We fell in love with this beautiful stone immediately. Its blue-green shades remind us so much of our beloved Adriatic Sea.

Yianni Melas is an activist, storyteller, and advocate for artisanal miners. He shares our passion for gemstones with story and soul. We are proud to use his incredible discovery in our work.

Until Yianni Melas came upon the stone in 2013, no one really knew what it was. Anyone who had seen a piece had thought it was opal, chrysoprase, or chrysocolla. Melas was the only person who recognised this stone might be something unusual.

Rogh piece of blue green chalcedony Aquaprase
Rough piece of newest variety of chalcedony- Aquaprase

Is Aquaprase™ rare?

The first new gemstone find in this millennium, Aquaprase™ is a truly rare and special stone.

In 2015, he sent a piece to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and discovered his hunch had been right. This stone was not opal, chrysoprase, or chrysocolla. It was a previously undiscovered chalcedony.

Aquaprase and pearl silver and gold rings on model
Clara Stones Fête des Sens , Aquaprase rings, photo by Mladen Šarić

Is Aquaprase™ natural?

Aquaprase™ is a natural gemstone, a type of chalcedony with a unique blue-green hue.

This gem is also entirely untreated and unenhanced. At Melas’ request, nothing is done to alter the appearance of the stone. This means no oil, wax, or heat is applied to either the rough material or the finished gemstones.

Where is Aquaprase™ found?

Aquaprase is found and exclusively mined in one location, a remote mine in Africa. The name is actually a trademark, ensuring the authenticity of gemstones sold as Aquaprase.

When Yianni Melas found this stone, it was a mystery. As an entirely new gem discovery, the stone needed naming. The name Aquaprase™ is a nod to the breathtaking colour of the stone. Aqua stands for the blue sea, of which the stone is evocative, while prase is Greek for green.

Aquaprase gold pendant

Why is Aquaprase™ so incredible for jewellery?

Everyone who sees Aquaprase™ finds it irresistible, for one reason – the colour. We think this lively, blue-green tone is one of the most wonderful shades in nature; the colour of the sea at its most spectacular.

The rough stone is a striking shade in its own right, but when it is cut and polished the effect is truly magnetic. Looking into a glossy cabochon of Aquaprase™ is like gazing into an infinite pool of water.

Red coral is our first love and signature, and in Aquaprase it finds the perfect pairing. Together they tell a story of the ocean – one comes from the sea, and the other reflects its beauty. Visually, the contrast of blue-green Aquaprase and red coral makes a striking and original statement.

Clara Stones Fête des Sens , Red Coral and Aquaprase, photo by Mladen Šarić

We also adore the individual inclusions of Aquaprase, making each gemstone unlike any other. More stunning in persona than even photos can show, this unique gemstone is sure to delight.

Clara Stones Fête des Sens , photo by Mladen Šarić

Our work is often evocative of the wonders of Dubrovnik. Surrounded by the Adriatic sea, we are constantly inspired by its glittering expanse. In Aquaprase, we’ve found a stone that reflects the wonder of the Adriatic, and we are so excited to share it.

Clara Stones Fête des Sens , Red Coral and Aquaprase photo by Mladen Šarić

Are you ready to fall for this magnificent stone? Be drawn into depths with our Aquaprase™ collection…

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