Volcano Collection

Clara Stones presents Volcano collection, inspired by the myths and legends surrounding the Roman god Vulcan, blacksmith of the gods, the creative and destructive forces of nature and the fascinating story of the Sciacca coral.

Adriatic coral organic shape pendants crafted in Volcano oxidized silver fusion with 18kt gold and adorned with gemstones, emeralds and saphires.

Enter the world of fantasy

Clara Stones plays a fantasy game of what would come out of Volcans workshop creating this collection of limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces.

One-of-a-kind precious coral rings crafted in 18kt gold and oxydized silver

Volcano as a symbol of destruction but also creation of its fertile surroundings. The perfect beauty of natures imperfections, the synergy of the past and the present and an eruption of energy, ideas and colours are the guidelines in creating Volcano collection.

This is a perpetual and slow process just like making jewellery at Clara Stones.

From everyday treasures to statement pieces

One-of-a-kind coral necklace in Adriatic and Sciacca coral with signature clasp in oxydized silver

Volcano collection is crafted in our signature black silver and gold fusion that intricately blends together silver and 18kt gold with favorite precious corals, pearls and gems to create a nice contrast. Organic details in18kt gold are torch fused to the silver, and then oxidized for a one-of-a-kind finish that with time and wear reflects the uniqueness of its wearer.

Clara Stones uses favorite Adriatic coral in all its organic shapes and red hues with Sciacca coral, mysterious orange shade fossilized red coral, rare gemstones, pearls. Signature details in black silver and gold melt together just like ashes and magma, giving life to new and fresh creations.

Organic pendants, statement necklaces, beautiful rings, bracelets are all part of this creative eruption.

One-of-a-kind coral necklace in 4 shades of precious coral and details in oxydized silver

The story of Sciacca

Sciacca coral was discovered in abundance in the late 19th century only in the bay of Sciacca, Sicily, after the famous Isola Ferdinandea appeared and disappeared.

After discovery it was considered dead coral for its different colour and form, recent studies confirmed Sciacca coral actually is a fossilized Corallium rubrum. Every time an underwater volcano near Sciacca erupted it boiled all the living organisms including red coral. The action of volcanic mud during thousands of years conserved this coral giving it unprecedented shades, from orange to intense salmon, up to black with patches of yellow.

One-of-a-kind beaded necklace crafted from Sciacca coral with details of Adriatic red coral round beads


In Croatia Sciacca coral was used for decades in traditional jewellry because of its interesting color, usually trading rough Adriatic coral for ready beads of Sciacca coral. Just another evidence of strong roots and bonds with Mediterranean pool.

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