The Pirate Collection

The Pirate collection is a song of freedom and love.

Subverting traditional notions of piracy, our collection celebrates incredible men and women of the seas.

Francis Drake Ring

For Clara Stones, being a pirate is not about deviancy and plunder. We see piracy as the ultimate symbol of a life of dreaming. 

Our pirates dream of treasures, distant lands, and far-flung adventures. Alone or with the support of a crew they headed out in chase of adventure.

And that is worthy of celebration. 

Bartholomew Roberts Ring

The Clara Stones pirate

There’s a little pirate in us all; determination, decadence, passion. Our collection is for anyone who sees in themselves a little of the wild, untamed pirate soul. 

Our pirate is anyone who craves freedom and adventure. Our pirate defends love and friendship, fights adversity, and dreams freely.

Pirate Sword Pendant

Our pirate values love, for themselves and others. They consider love and friendship the greatest treasure, to defend at all costs.

Our pirate is moved at the sight of a fiery sunset or breaking waves. At the same time, our pirate knows how to animate their crew in the face of imminent danger. Our pirate is a lover and a leader.

Bonney and Read Ring

Tales from the sea

Each ring tells the epic stories of famous pirates and their exploits.

Our Zheng Yi Sao ring tells the tale of a famous female pirate.

A Tahitian pearl symbolises this wild and mysterious woman. She had in her control the largest pirate fleet in history. A halo of eight coral cabochons represents the 80,000 men in her crew, the red colour a symbol of passion and fraternity. 

Zheng Yi Sao Ring

Zheng Yi Sao is a tale of leadership and bravery. Her indomitable character and initiative impresses as much today as in her time.

Inspired by the story of Calico Jack, our white coral and amethyst ring is a homage to love.

A white coral cabochon represents the pirate, reflecting his famous cotton clothing. Set in the centre is a trillion amethyst, a symbol of the love triangle at the heart of his story. In his crew were two women, in disguise to everyone but Jack. Pirate lore tells of their relationship with each other and with Jack.

On the side of the ring, two amethyst hearts celebrate the love between Anny Bonney and Mary Read. In piracy, such love was not commended. Indeed, laws such as Matelotage ratified same-sex unions. The faceted stone is a nod to our belief that love can have a thousand facets – but in the end, all is love.

Calico Jack teaches us to look beyond our own world. His story inspires us to embrace alternative lifestyles. It is a statement of open-mindedness, tolerance, and love.

Our Oliver Levasseur ring tells an intriguing tale of hidden treasure.

A large pool of Aquaprase is at the heart of this ring. Its blue-green depths symbolise the Caribbean island our pirate hid his treasure on.

The ring tells the story of the mysterious Levasseur code, still unsolved centuries later. A halo of red coral symbolises the cryptogram revealing the location of his treasure.

In Oliver Levasseur, we see a curiosity towards life and a search for happiness. The Levasseur code left us a mystery to ponder, but his life gives us a desire to explore and rediscover ourselves day after day. 

Born from an immersive creation process

Our pirate collection sings with passion and unbridled creativity.

Designer Vittorio listened to pirate songs while poring over tales across history and geography.

He pictured the pirates drinking, singing, and recounting their adventures. In his imagined Caribbean inn, Vittorio revelled in the freedom of piracy. The freedom to express yourself, love who you want, to feel unrestrained emotion.

Our Pirate collection captures that spirit for you.

Explore the seven seas with us here… Pirate Collection

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